Cellular NitroBoost: Fueling Optimal Health with Pure Nitrogen

Introducing Super Amino 23, your ultimate source of pure nitrogen direct to your cells!


Packed with the power of essential amino acids, Super Amino 23 offers you a unique opportunity to optimize your body’s performance and unlock your full potential.


Imagine a supplement that delivers the building blocks of life, the very essence of protein, directly to your cells. Super Amino 23 is precisely that! With its carefully formulated blend of essential amino acids, it provides your body with the critical nutrients it needs for optimal functioning, recovery, and growth.

The secret lies in the pure nitrogen content of Super Amino 23. Nitrogen is a fundamental element required for the synthesis of proteins, which are the building blocks of your muscles, tissues, enzymes, and hormones. By delivering pure nitrogen directly to your cells, Super Amino 23 accelerates protein synthesis, allowing your body to rebuild and repair at an unmatched pace.

Clean and pure source of proteins.

Over 400% more nutritionally effective than isolates from whey and soy

Unlock the Power of Super Amino 23:

5 Capsules = 25 Grams of Meat’s Protein Value!


Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance, a fitness enthusiast looking to enhance your workouts, or simply seeking to improve your overall well-being, Super Amino 23 is your ultimate ally. It supports faster muscle recovery, helping you bounce back from intense training sessions with reduced soreness and enhanced endurance.

Not only does Super Amino 23 fuel your physical prowess, but it also contributes to your mental sharpness and cognitive function. The amino acids in Super Amino 23 are precursors to neurotransmitters that regulate mood and brain activity, promoting mental clarity, focus, and overall cognitive well-being.

The convenience of Super Amino 23 is unparalleled. With its easy-to-swallow capsules, you can effortlessly incorporate it into your daily routine. Take it pre-workout to amplify your performance or post-workout to accelerate your recovery and maximize muscle gains.


Just five capsules of this remarkable product deliver a protein value equivalent to approximately 25 grams of meat. Imagine the convenience of boosting your protein intake without having to consume large amounts of food!

Experience the difference of Super Amino 23 and unlock your body’s full potential. Fuel your cells with pure nitrogen, the essential element of life, and witness the transformative effects on your strength, endurance, and overall vitality.


Supercharge your fitness journey with Super Amino 23

and be at the top of your game.


Try it today and unleash your true potential!

Developed through research and used by doctors.

Super Amino 23 is the result of 21 years of research by the International Nutrition Research Center. Super Amino 23 is listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference.  It has been used in weight loss programs, anti-aging, and improving malnutrition.  

Since 1992, the results of forty-six scientific clinical studies, performed in human subjects, have shown that Super Amino 23  can substitute dietary proteins in a safer and nutritionally more effective way than any other source available.

In comparison to any dietary protein,

protein supplement or amino acid supplement:

The previous mentioned clinical studies results have also shown the use of Super Amino 23 to be:

  • The most nutritious

  • The safest

  • The one that provides the lowest amount of calories

  • The one that can provide a faster, lighter and easier digestion 

Your body deserves the best, and Super Amino 23 delivers
pure nitrogen directly to your cells for unrivaled results.

The Most Performant Protein

Why is Super Amino 23 the most nutritious

in comparison to

any dietary protein, protein or amino acid supplement?


comparative, double-blind, triple and quintuple crossover clinical studies results have shown that Super Amino 23 provides an unprecedented 99% Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU).

This means that 99% of Master Amino 23 constituent amino acids act as “building blocks”, namely as precursor of Body Proteins Synthesis (BPS), thus becoming body’s constituent proteins.

Net Nitrogen Utilisation of 99%

Super Amino 23 also has a net nitrogen utilization (NNU) of over 99%.  This means the amino acids go directly to tissues, and don’t overwork the kidneys or liver for filtering out metabolic waste like other protein supplements.


Super Amino 23, after its absorption, releases only 1% of Nitrogen Catabolites, namely metabolic toxic waste that must be catabolized through the liver and kidney functions before it is eliminated through the urine.

By comparison,

  • Dietary proteins from animal origin release an average of 68% of Nitrogen Catabolites.
  • Dietary proteins from vegetable origin release an average of 84% Nitrogen Catabolites.
  • Protein supplements from either vegetable or animal origin release also an average of 84% Nitrogen Catabolites, because their protein sources are derived mainly from whey, casein or soy.
  • Amino acid supplements containing less than eight essential amino acids release 100% Nitrogen Catabolites. 
  • Amino acid supplements containing all eight essential amino acids (e.g. those derived from hydrolyzed proteins such as whey, casein or soy) release an average of 84% Nitrogen Catabolites.

As a result, dietary proteins, protein or amino acid supplements can release approximately 68 to 99 times more metabolic toxic waste that must be catabilized through the liver and kidney functions, in comparison to the only one percent released by Super Amino 23

Predigested in 23 minutes

Pre-digested means it doesn’t enter the intestines as most food (it’s digested in the stomach and duodenum), and travels into the blood stream and lymph directly.

It produces no fecal residue.  Because it’s digested so early – it can enter into tissues within 23 minutes, saving a lot of digestive energy as with organ meats.  

Super Amino 23

is a crucial part of the Purium daily Core 4 Nutrition Boost

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